I DEVELOP SOCIALLY ENGAGED, creative projects that educate and serve their community.

With 15 years of experience as a visual artist, educator, and creative producer, I specialize in designing and leading projects that have potential to grow. I bring a unique perspective to multi-faceted problem-solving with a focus on creative and collective thinking. The result is alignment of organizational values and objectives, increased relevance to the community, and improved market value. I love working with a team, and draw out the best in those I work with.

I have led many community collaborations which have grown into innovative and lasting partnerships. For New York Institute of Technology and the Viscardi Center, a national leader of educational, employment, and policy for persons with disabilities, I initiated an academic partnership that supports research initiatives in assistive technology advancement; innovative solutions for everyday problems for persons with disabilities, and service learning-oriented educational experiences. With Creative Tech Week, I arranged for NYIT to be the industry hub of this major NYC-wide conference and festival featuring innovation in creative technology. For CITYarts, I directed NYIT’s participation in the public art project on Lincoln Square to highlight the university’s art and technology expertise of architecture, art, design, and engineering disciplines. Currently I am producing a documentary film in partnership with NYIT, Viscardi, and JetBlue about persons with disabilities and air travel.

As chair of NYIT’s Department of Art & Design, I effectively rebranded and revitalized a fine arts department to become industry relevant, interdisciplinary, and digitally focused. My approach was to draw from existing faculty talent and unique resources to build on the university’s legacy in creative invention dating back to the 1970’s NYIT Computer Graphics Lab. Following research, assessment, and consultation with colleagues, we created precollege programs which grew by 66% over three years, and yielded 9 full-time undergraduate enrollments; established a maker space serving students with state-of-the-art digital arts tools; updated degrees to become more dynamic and relevant to the artistic, educational, and career interests of students; and teamed up with industry to bring new content and programming into the department. Throughout this experience, I supervised and mentored a team of 25 faculty and staff who played a key role in executing the success of these programs.

I am honored to have been recognized as the Faculty Leader of the Year by the American Council on Education Women’s Network (2014); member of the Board of Directors for NYC ACM SIGGRAPH (2004-2010); and Abilities Inc of the Viscardi Center (2017-present).